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How The Biggest Fight In UFC History Fell Apart


I normally hate UFC shit but this Conor McGregor is a real character. Skip the first couple videos in this story and get right to the shit-talking. He has a talent. (thanks, ÿ)

The deal to sell your home and get paid to stay


Strange “viager” system has been going on in France since the 9th century

Accidental Pop: A Conversation With Destroyer's Dan Bejar


that is so intensely quotable that I just gave up choosing a quote.

With Jason Bonham and two choirs. Fuckin hell. Where was I when this happened? Geezer rock transcendence.

LSD neural net


a neural network’s live hallucinations

Gay Marriage Backers Win Supreme Court Victory


That and Obamacare in the same week? America, lurching into the future (or recent past, depending on the country you live in)

The Vanishing Relevance of SmartTrack


I’ve always wondered just how useful a train with a 15 minute headway would be (arguably fine if you’re walking or driving there but not if you have to schedule it against the headway of a connecting bus route, say). Now they are saying it may be more like 30 minutes. That’s rough.

The Dutch Town of Houten Is a Case Study in Bike-Friendly Suburban Planning


Bike friendly without being car-unfriendly.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety in Toronto (PDF)


Some fascinating data here.

Jurassic World is Jurassic World



The Frank D’Angelo Cinematic Universe


The surreal dreams of Google's image recognition software - CNET


Ser Dogface, yikes

My Bike

This is a post for bike month, continuing from this one. All of these live here, in reverse chronological order.

So yeah, I wound up buying a Simcoe. These are city bikes designed with Toronto in mind. They have all the city bike conveniences, plus some weather resistance, yet don’t feel heavy or slow.

My new ride

The Bad

I bought this bike the first year it came out, which sums up most of my criticisms. A lot of the accessories were not firmly attached – the fenders came loose quickly and made a horrifying rattle; the kickstand came loose and was of debatable quality anyway, so I replaced it.

I was surprised by the weight of the thing. Any of my beater mountain bikes would be lighter. That dismayed me.

I was holding out for the “Signature Edition” 7-speed but it was delayed and I needed a bike, so I got the cheaper 3-speed. I say cheaper, but the bike was still like $900, which is more than all of my previous bike purchases put together.

The Ugly

It was supposed to be blue, but it’s really a blue-green that honestly I’m not that fond of. Ok honestly? There’s no real ugly to be had here. It’s just a riff on a movie title that doesn’t quite match. I mean I would probably choose a modern bike style over the Simcoe’s retro looks, but this bike is, to continue the metaphoric math, better looking than all of my previous bike purchases put together.

The Good

Everything else. Even some of the bads.

Despite the weight, because of the slimmer tires and the quality components, this bike rolls faster than … all of my previous bikes put together. A few pedals and I glide for ages.

I thought three gears would be a problem – my last bike had 21 – but if anything, it’s a blessing. There’s just less fussy stuff to do. Plus internal hub gearing is much smoother than the usual derailleurs, and it allows for a full chain guard, which means I’ve never gotten bike grease on my pants. The fenders are also great (and should be on every bike); I’ve ridden a few times in the rain without incident. Nothing to be afraid of.

I’m no bike expert, and I can’t compare the Simcoe to other bikes in its category. But I love it. It obviously signifies something special to me – a new way of looking at biking. A new chance at mobility.

Pope challenges world to clean up its filth


“With a poet’s lyricism, a former chemist’s precision and a pontiff’s moral thunder, Pope Francis recast humanity’s relationship with nature in stark ethical terms, hoping to spur a warming, filthy world to clean up its act “before it’s too late.”“

What we forget about Ornette Coleman


beautiful piece

Surging New Democrats pull into the lead


really surprising turn of events, probably mostly attributable to the muddled Liberal stance on the loathsome Bill C-51


The Big Box Afterlife


“Big box stores are the lowest-hanging science fiction prompt in any given town.”

Chris Ware on His Daughter Playing Minecraft


Advocates call for Toronto-wide bike grid after 3 cyclists killed in 2 weeks


Yay Bike Month!