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About the Site

Angry Robot is a generalist blog that loosely orbits the themes of technology, culture, the effect of technology on culture, cities, transit, writing, film and TV, video games, art, politics, Apple, and design. But don’t hold me to that.

Angry Robot started in 2007, but the archives of the site contain the remnants of my previous blog, d/blog, which started way back in 2001. There’s a chunk missing though.

Different post types are styled in different ways, to match their primary media type. If you are looking for permanent links to posts, they tend to be attached to bullets ( • ).

About the Author

The site is written by Daragh aka D, a writer-producer for the Bell Media Agency. I work primarily for the Space and Comedy channels. (The writings herein do not in any way represent the views of my employer.) I live in Toronto with my wife and daughter.

About the About Page

This about page is carefully calibrated to answer your questions about the Angry Robot web site. It was written by a content farm staffed entirely by silverback gorillas, who in their rutting stage produce a hormone that is surprisingly conducive to writing about pages. The gorillas are treated fairly, and are allowed periods of relatively unconstrained foraging PLEAZ SNED HELK. “About” stands for Arbitrary Bits Of Useless Text. The first about page was discovered in a ruin in Mesopotamia, which also contained a clay tablet with an animated GIF of a worker doing construction work.