Angry Robot

Camera Talk


Man, look at this badboy. Sitting there all pretty-like. Causing drool and wallet problems.

No, I’m not buying one, but I’ll be working on a project with it, which is exciting. I feel a camera phase coming on, as presaged by the photos that have been cropping up here again, which is a side effect of me actually taking photos, after what seemed like a year-long break. What can I say, these things go in cycles.

I was tempted by a lens though, a lovely Olympus 12-60mm f2.8-4. I’ve been looking for a faster zoom, as my camera’s kit lens is nice but slow. This one is a beaut. Here’s a shot I took with it on my camera:


Would be nice to have something that wide (24mm equivalent) with a pretty blurry background like that.

The GH2 is out, which should tempt me to upgrade, but I’m more interested in new lenses, as the new body doesn’t seem crazy better.