Angry Robot


I wake to the sound of birds. Behind them, a distant roar.

The house is empty save for me, and strangely, sparsely furnished. There are two mini-fridges, no big fridge or stove. The lot next to me is a small patch of farmland. On the other side, a vacant lot.

Across the street, the University of Windsor. In the background, the great commercial sluice that is Huron Church Road, carrying a continuous torrent of trucks to and from the Ambassador Bridge, the great monument to cross-border commerce that cleaves a community in two. I’m here to film. The event is Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation, in which a group of artists take up residencies in vacant commercial space in downtown Windsor.


The house I’m in is the Ecohouse, a project of the university. It’s used mostly for student group meetings, hence the mini-fridge.

I’ll be here on and off throughout the duration of the event, which ends in mid-july. I’ll try and keep posting as I go, as I think it will be pretty interesting.