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Nintendo's Smugness

So I was watching E3 on the telly yesterday and found myself in the middle of Nintendo’s press conference. Reggie was blabbing away about how Nintendo is such a super seller and how their third party Wii games are just as awesome and everything is going so well and number one console for a reason blah blah blah. It occurred to me then that I am absolutely repulsed bu Nintendo’s smugness.

Yes, the Wii is excellent for group games and “casual” gamers and stuff like that, but to prattle on about how you are the best in the industry when what you really are is a peddler of cheap plasitc wheels and step pads is distasteful. My disgust continued as trailers for their upcoming games assaulted mine eyes. I’d really like a Wii commercial to surface without the godawful view of players’ Joker-like-too-happy-faces. Then the games with happy children standing on the step boards and surfing through space…and though the Silver Surfer implications are tempting I just can’t get over all these motion-based add-ons. I mean why should it surprise me that they would go down that road? Nintendo has always been the “let’s make add-on shit” people, I get that. I guess just looking at their “we’re selling so much” charts and just that whole business side trying to appeal to gamers with “I’m a suit but I’m a reliable source for you to trust” attitude just pissed me off.

I really like Nintendo, I really do. There are some good games and the Wii is a solid platform for fun. Just the arrogance to think that they are going to be the number one console irks me. I know you have to have a strong sense of product love in a company…I just feel that when Sony once again surfaces as the leader of the industry in a few years Nintendo’s going to get lost in its dust and look ridiculous.

So that’s my problem with Nintendo’s smugness, I’m worried that it’s going to come and hit them in the back of the head.

And I just don’t want to see that happen.

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  1. D says:

    Interesting. Knowing that you’re a huge Nintendo fan… It’s interesting how they’ve managed to alienate fans like you. Not that I blame you, it’s hard not to feel left out in the cold by the hard push to casual. I mean they should know they need to at least tease some games for the core. Animal Crossing doesn’t count as core, does it?

  2. Nadine says:

    Ugh don’t even get me started on Animal Crossing! That’s a whole other kettle of fish…

    But back to this Nintendo alienation as you say, I just feel that their push to put the arcade in the home has diminished my love and respect for the company that I first pledged allegiance to. It just makes me so sad. Casual gaming is fun and all, but it’s tiring. And by that I mean I can’t just settle back on my bed and play through levels on a Wii game like I can with my 360 or PS3. With the Wii you always have to be in alert movement mode and sometimes I just want to relax with my games ya know? I just feel on the Wii relaxing and gaming are fast becoming incompatible.

    Not including that Ocean Diver one…that’s almost too relaxing…

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