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Back to Basics

A little explanation about Hardcore Nerdity. We posted about it when it first launched, but it may be worth clarifying what it is and what our involvement is. HCN is a site run by Jonathan Llyr and friends, who happen to be friends of ours. We just wanted to help them get a site up, so we are basically hosting it within our textpattern installation. Eventually, they’ll move to their own site and so forth, but until then little things are a bit weird, with their comments showing up in ‘recent comments’ and their posts showing up in our feeds.

Not that we mind, as it’s excellent content, and generally complementary to our own – they post mostly stuff related to sci-fi & fantasy film TV & books, while we can barely read and mostly write about games and sometimes gadgets. You should definitely listen to the podcast though, as not only are the folks mighty entertaining in their own right, they score amazing interviews.

And finally, I’ve been meaning to write about stuff other than games a little more. Man cannot live by games alone, and I’d like to reflect that more here. You’ve seen the odd Apple-related post, and that will continue, and maybe more film and TV stuff too. (Now let’s see if I actually deliver on that threat.) Not that games stuff will dry up as it remains a passion and general time sink.

So, anyway, while the site is still being shuffled around you may see some weird bits; look away, or email me and let me know