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The Latest Thrilling Instalment in What Is Becoming a Game Diary

Beat “Vaseline” finally. To all you bitches who said I couldn’t do it, to all you haters out there, y’all can eat a warm di —

Oh wait. No one cares.

More Rock Band, again, mostly Band Tour, this time with occasional AR contributor Mags. We both foresook challenging difficulty levels for the larger cause, which was to win some roadies in some manner of rock-off. I didn’t know roadies were chattel, to be gambled away like so many head of bison. I’m also starting to realize that drumming is pretty good exercise for something that’s actually fun.

Flow on PSP. Have I mentioned this? It kicks all kinds of ass. I mean you can just play it on the web for free of course, and I know I’ve mentioned that before. But it’s perfectly suited for mobile use. I also love how it controls with one stick and one button. You can effectively control it with one hand while eating Cheetos™ Crunchits with the other.

I think Crisis Core may be losing me. I’ve put a few hours in now, and that might be all I have for it. It’s pretty good, just not awesome, and there are such games out there – too many, in fact.