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Happy Monday: A List!

Okay, so I can’t get this out of my head for some reason: Top 5 Video Game Characters I Would Date/Do.

My criteria here is simple, does a character tickle my fancy visually and idealistically?

So here’s what I came up with, feel free to add your own.

5. Liu Kang – Basically I always played him because he reminded me of Bruce Lee and I think Bruce Lee was one of the most amazing physical specimens the human race has to offer so…That’s why that’s there.

4. Fox McCloud aka Star Fox – Yes, I know, not remotely human but he’s a sexy bastard! He’s a super galactic hero and he gets shit done in a super awesome space ship. I just can’t resist him…I feel the same way about Robin Hood from the fox animated version…

3. Mitsurugi – I’m not the best at fighting games, but I find Mitsurugi to be one of the hottest studs in gaming ever, all time ever. I just love his samurai sexy gruffness. I guess he’s kinda like Han Solo in that way or something, I don’t find Han attractive but Mitsurugi…He’s just so cut!

2. Nariko – The game did not satisfy me save for one part and that was the endless legs and beautiful voice of Nariko while she kicked ass and felt shame for being a woman. Ha.

1. Cortana – Yes, perfection thy name is Halo 2’s version of Cortana. The voice, the attitude, the sexy fine of it all…She’s my perfect woman that I wish lived in my cybernetically enhanced head.

4 comments on "Happy Monday: A List!"

  1. smbm says:

    i would have to add chun li in there from SFII.

  2. Nadine says:

    Ah yeah I never really played the Street Fighter games…I was a Mortal Kombat kid…but she’s definitely super hot!

  3. Steve says:

    I’m kinda glad you don’t have Lara Croft on there. As a character… she meh. Angelina Jolie however. Shes a different game all together.

  4. Nadine says:

    Oh yeah no totally! Angelina…ye gods perfection …but Lara Croft…not so much for me. Not so much. Her and James McAvoy in Wanted…It’s like just essential sexy. Essential. Sexy.

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