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Ol' Nerdy Bastard

I’m late late late on this but better late than never – the Hipster, Please! remix & mashup album Ol’ Nerdy Bastard was released last week and is awesome. Check ‘er out fer sure.

One comment on "Ol' Nerdy Bastard"

  1. Nadine says:

    Holy crap bawls D…This is crazy awesome! And, obviously, my fav is Snake Eyes – “Transformer (Sara Connor’s Wild Ride Mix”

    How does a mind come up with this stuff? Damns! Just damns!

    Happiness thy name is Ol’Nerdy Bastard!

    I also like Nerd Lust! Ha! And 6 MCs (and 1 DJ) Who Like Schoolly D! And of course I adore Braggadocio! Goodness!

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