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Happy Monday: Fez Trailer!

My roomate showed this to me on the weekend. Adorable and super fun looking! Developed by Montréal based Kokoromi, Fez is a “2D game in a 3D world”. So far I believe it is just for PC but with all the buzz since the recent GDC, and the fact that it runs on Mircosoft’s XNA, it’s probably gonna bust out on Live as well.

Regardless of release, this game is a bright happy joy on a Monday morning and says look forward to the future and rotate your perspective!


2 comments on "Happy Monday: Fez Trailer!"

  1. D says:

    There’s a good preview of Fez linked from here. Sounds like a great idea for a game.

  2. emma says:

    ooh, so sweet.
    what a great idea! really nice.
    i especially love the wise old guy speaking at the beginning…“im pride”
    so cute.
    wanna play – for hours.

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