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GNE Is Back!

Waxy notes that the Game Neverending – GNE – is back, in possibly experimental or temporary form. GNE was the bizarre web-based MMO developed by Ludicorp before they moved on to Flickr. You can get at it here (you need to be logged in to a flickr/yahoo account for it to work).

I used to play this, back in the day. I recall it was awesome, although walking around in there now I don’t really remember what to do other than roam around collecting things. But give ‘er a shot! Let’s just hope it doesn’t go away when April Fools’ ends.

2 comments on "GNE Is Back!"

  1. smbm says:

    oh wow.

    i forgot about that game…as i recall i had a pretty sweet house at one point.

  2. D says:

    You played it, eh? Isn’t it awesome… Just got a house myself.

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