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WTF Wednesday: What Took Me So Long?

As if this wasn’t the first thing I ever looked for on the tubes! Geesh. This is my favourite game of all time ever. After watching this and hearing the sounds and feeling that intense rightness about flying through geometry and math, my love for this game is utterly solidified. I adore this game.

So, here’s a speedrun (tool-assisted) of my fav game ever: Star Fox for the SNES.

It’s just under twenty minutes so if you have nothing better to do…Enjoy.

And yes, this isn’t so much WTF save for the fact that I can’t believe myself for having neglected this for so long.

Completely on another topic, I recently found the site of artist Roberto Campus who gives short tutorials on digital painting and Photoshop. I found the before and afters quite interesting since I have no artistic skill whatsoever myself.

Definitely check the site out, there’s loads of sci-fi, gaming, comics, and fantasy images that range from super freaky to sexy fine awesome.