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Lockout is Black! Er, Back

Word is in on the remaining map from the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack: it’s Blackout, a remake of Lockout. I didn’t think that would happen as Guardian is so similar, but there we go. Bungie producer Allen Murray says “Lockout was leaps and bounds ahead of every other map in terms of games played and the public demand.” It’s a classic, that’s for sure.

5 comments on "Lockout is Black! Er, Back"

  1. Nadine says:



    This is my FAV map from all the Halos (besides High em High and Blood Gultch).

    I can’t wait for this!! Jumping shotgun madness!!

  2. toku says:

    sigh… sadly this was one of my least favorites in the older games. stupid energy sword.
    Maybe they’ll change things a little no it’s not quite so… swordy…
    I feel a little like there already IS a map very much like this in 3 as it is

  3. Nadine says:

    No no no this is the best map ever. You’ll see I’ll make you a pro at it in no time!

  4. D says:

    It seems like a general rule that small maps get dominated by the short range weapons – the shotgun sword and hammer, rather than sniper / laser. Consider how we got slaughtered on the pit last night…

    I think lockout is probably the best Halo 2 map. Not my favourite, I mean I love it but prefer coagulation, but lockout is the best all-round map for smaller groups.

  5. toku says:

    saying “no no no this is the best map ever” doesn’t actually make it the best map ever… we already have this map, it’s called Gaurdian… it’s small, with many little passages, a round central open area in the middle, a couple of high towers, and a long fall to your death…. just like lockout…

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