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Best Falcon Punch Ever

Well, maybe not, but recently I was shown this lil’gem. For fans of Super Smash Bros. (any version) the Falcon Punch is an awesome move. Delightful audio skills make the below possible. Enjoy!

(Or if you are Toku, there’s some tissues on the counter if you need to wipe the blood from your ears.)

Then someone went on made this sweet tasty on Guitar Hero.

And here, of course, is why the Falcon Punch is so awesome.

5 comments on "Best Falcon Punch Ever"

  1. Ry-Tron says:

    Jesus, there was an F-Zero anime? thank you, Beetlejuice

  2. Nadine says:

    Yeah totally with fifty-one episodes. It’s not considered canon and there are lots of differences between the game versions, but it exists!

  3. Ry-Tron says:

    the story in F-Zero was never a selling point anyways. Judging by the punch in the cartoon, I gotta ask how much racing was actually in the series.

  4. Nadine says:

    There was lots! Detective Rick Wheeler is in horrible car crash, put in stasis, and wakes up 150 years later in the year 2201 by the Elite Mobile Unit Task Force. Their job is to keep F-Zero prize money out of the hands of evil rogues, who will race at any cost to win, especially Black Shadow and Deathborn, controllers of Dark Million Organization. They strive to bring peace to the universe through racing! How epic is that? Most epic indeed!

    Check out the first ep, in Japanese but you can get the general idea, here’s the second part.

    The last 30 seconds of the ep are awesome.

  5. Nadine says:

    Oh! Should also mention that his name is Ryu Suzaku in the Japanese version. Also, remember Zoda from the game? Well, he’s the guy responsible for Ryu’s accident and now Dark Million Organization has revived and evolved Zoda to be their super evil racer. Awesome. And yes, I’m now watching a bunch of eps and desperately searching for the dvds…

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