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Microsoft Loves the Blu-Ray

Well, shucks.

I know the “format war” ended and stuff but this quick. Money must be made! I wonder if HD 360 players are going to become collectors items in like fifty years? And why did it have to be called Blu-Ray? HD sounds so much better. Meh, at least I didn’t buy an HD player of any kind. Ha ha!

Technology you move so fast!

You so sexy!

2 comments on "Microsoft Loves the Blu-Ray"

  1. D says:

    Well, as it’s HD DVD and not HD, I think it had one too many ‘D’s in it to really roll off the tongue. And Blu-Ray… come on man! Sounds like a 50s Plymouth with bitchin’ tail fins.

  2. Jogos says:

    Yeah! for me too HD sounds better. HD = High Definition. But, Blu-Ray isn’t that bad.

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