Angry Robot

WTF Wednesday!

So my friend Helena recently bought a cajon drum. It’s basically a box you sit on and you can make it sound like so many drums just from a small tap of a finger, it’s totally awesome. What’s more totally awesome is the video featured below.

Remember that crazy fast ukulele guy who did that George Harrison song on the ukulele? Well there’s this cajon player, Djaloyan Sylvain, who has taken that video and mixed in his drumming alongside it. Sylvain blows my mind as a cajon player, but what tickles me even more is the fact that people are playing together on youtube and other video sites. I mean they are adding to each other’s content in creative and beautiful ways! (Or adding to their perfection…it’s so very Borg) That is crazy! Like if you really think about it, we are incredibly social and cooperative animals, we ache to create together. I find that melding of technology and human nature to be very heartwarming.

Yet, there is a certain “holy crap what the hell” going on as well.