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Stay Outta the Kitchen with Dinah, Disney!

Look at me, getting all territorial and bitchy about music sim games…Really, where do I get off?

Well, damns it, this sentence just irks me:

““Ultimate Band invites kids, tweens and teens to join in the jam session,” said Craig Relyea, senior vice president, global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios.”

The full interview and article is over at

Seems Disney has decided to jump in the Rock Band/Guitar Hero frenzy with Ultimate Band! Because you can’t get any hipper than ultimate, bitches.

The game will be Wii and DS exclusive, which allows for players to do away with pesky, expensive, and clunky add-ons.

Apparently, they think the idea of using the Wiimote for every instrument is a good thing. They also think that it will work.

I have doubts. Lack of boxing precision has given me doubts about many a Wii-related thing.

But we shall see…

We shall see.