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Some Linkses and Questionses

My new fave blog has a good writeup of last week’s GDC announcement from Microsoft, the xna Developer’s Club, which Redmond was positioning as ‘YouTube for games’. (Sure, if YouTube cost $100 and a computer science degree to join.) A little update on WiiWare, too. Neither is exactly revolutionary, but it’s a step in the right direction – opening the consoles up to indie developers just a little bit more.

Hipster, Please’s latest podcast has a terminator-transformer-themed track from alter ego Snake Eyes. Plus a lot of other awesome nerd music tracks.

Third, kind of on the topic, what do you guys think of the Terminator series? It’s on my mind as I watched a couple episodes today. I don’t think it’s Lost caliber let alone The Wire caliber, but I’m enjoying what they’re doing nonetheless. Hell, they namechecked the singularity! (also I just found that there was? is? an ARG going on based on it)

Fourth: there is a gaping hole in my giant robot knowledge base and its name is: Gundam. Let’s say I want to experience some of the magic. Where would I start?

4 comments on "Some Linkses and Questionses"

  1. Nadine says:

    Like Mobile Suit Gundam?


  2. Nadine says:

    Are you talking about the gundam wing and mobile suit gundam series and stuff?

    Also, Sarah Connor Chronicles:

    I’m so in to it. But not because I care about the Terminator universe. Many people I’ve spoken with about the series have varied views on how much the universe can be messed with. I don’t really have an emotional attachment to the third movie, it could not exist and I’d be fine, so the series can do what it will.

    The reason I’m watching is for the ladies. Yeah. For serious I love Lena Heady. Summer Glau though…Oh god…How can any self-respecting browncoat or browncoat supporter not watch her? She’s awesome! And the fact that Cameron is all acting one way and doing other stuff…what does it all mean!

    It sucks that there’s only one more ep. I hope the second season has 13.

  3. D says:

    Gundam: yeah man! And I know nothing of it. It’s one of those things, like some comic book series, like if you wanted to get into the X-Men, where the hell do you start?

    SCC – I’m someone who’s watching it because I love Terminator 1 and 2 and the general idea, setting and storyline. And the show is definitely doing interesting things with it. And I put up with its other weaknesses just to see those interesting things. Most of the dialogue is pretty dull, for example, and not just the lines delivered by robots. I think the series picked up a lot once 90210 joined the cast, but in a lot of ways they haven’t exploited some of the things you could do with that sort of character. Wouldn’t he be super-pissed off at how decadent some of the assumptions of pre-robocalypse life are? Cause he lives in underground bunkers and such.

    I’m not sure what the explanation for the short season is. Odds are it’s a writers’ strike thing, but I heard that they had shot this like two years ago and banked it for the strike. Whatever it is, the ‘season finale’ isn’t much of a finale.

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