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How to Beat the Goddamned Bogimoray


The problem

The bogimoray is a big ol’ magic worm who appears accompanied by five little magic insects. The boggerino can only attack you when he has a full magic gauge, which he can only fill when the magic insects in front of him ‘charge magic’ in that round. So in theory, if you can kill off all the magic bugs, he’s as useless as tits on a bogimoray. But of course, the bugs respawn – two rounds after you kill them, they’ll come popping back.

When he does attack, it’s a real shitstorm called ‘para-flare’ that will deal a ton of damage and paralyze everyone in your party – unless we take some precautions, that is.

The other thing is that once you kill him once, he’s baaaaack! But with a full, throbbing magic gauge, so you better believe he’ll be para-flaring your sorry ass right quick. And the second bogimoray charges up from his bugs much quicker, too.

Before you start

You need to do some prep work, homes. Most importantly, you need the yellow band. In the Sea of Baus, it’s in the area past the shipwreck, on the left hand side. Before you start on this thing, you need to equip the yellow band on each of your two immortals, then fight random monsters until each one learns the skill ‘anti-paralysis’ (20 SP each time). (Did you know they can learn skills from equipment? I sure as hell didn’t.) Anyway, once you’ve done your grinding and they’ve each learned that skill, equip it in each of their skill slots, then pass the yellow band to Jansen. Now all of your dudes are immune to paralysis.

You are going to want two bio or fire rings. One of each, or two of either kind. You also need the spell ‘aqua’ in your repertoire. If you don’t already have these ingredients, you’re going to want to sneak into the basement of the Grand Staff base and procure them from the dodgy gentlemen therein.

You know that area whose two guards won’t let you in? Talk to both guards, and then they’ll start walking around, letting you slip in there. You need to move the crates from either side so you can get to the ladder – start on the far side and pull the crate back, then talk with the guards again, then slip in the near side and push the other crate away, clearing yourself a path to the ladder. Once you’re in, you can purchase the spell ‘aqua’. You can also buy the ingredients you need to make fire rings: magma fragments (or something like that), three per ring. You could also use a couple pieces of equipment – the Knight’s Guard, which recharges GC whilst you defend, and the other one that recharges HP when you defend. There’s also a sword that’s better than the ones you have, probably. I bought it for Seth. Cause I like her.

It’s preferable to have your characters at level 17 or above, but probably not necessary.

The First Bogimoray


The general strategy here is to keep the magic insect population under control while having magic user Jansen attack the Bogimoray proper. To do so effectively, you will exploit each creature’s elemental weaknesses: fire attacks on the magic bugs, and water for Cap’n Bogster.

The insects have a magic attack called ‘force’ that crops up quite rarely, but does a great deal of damage (200HP or so). All the more reason to keep their numbers thin, but you don’t have to sweat it too much. If one of your guys is hurting, just keep to the strategy outlined here, but take a round for Jansen to heal your wounded party member.

On your first round, have Kaim and Seth target the first magic insect. With fire or bio rings, and if you get a perfect hit with the aim ring, and if you’re at level 17, you can take one out with one hit from either Kaim or Seth. If you don’t get perfect, don’t sweat it.

Have Jansen hit a different magic insect with flare. That will take it out in one shot. So you’ll take out two or three of the magic insects in the first round, preventing the Bogimoray from charging up too much.

On the second round, have Kaim and Seth continue to target the insects, but have Jansen hit the Bogimoray with aqua.

if you clear all the insects in that round or subsequent rounds, have Kaim and Seth attack the Bogimoray, too. If you really want to get all perfectionist, you can switch to an aqua ring in mid-battle by pressing ‘b’ at the action menu. Another good idea is to use any aqua bombs you have on hand.

The insects will respawn, so just have your melee masters clear ‘em out and if you need to, have Jansen flare them as well. In the off chance that the Bogimoray’s magic gauge gets nearly full, set all your characters to defend. But you can get through the first battle without that happening.

Hooray! He’s dead! Not so fast.

The Second Bogimoray

This dude starts with a full MP meter, so since he’ll be para-flaring right away no matter what, set all characters to defend.

Second round, have all characters clear out insects.

After that, do like before: K & S rock the insects and Jansen either attacks the worm with water, or zephyrs to heal everyone if they’re hurting. The worm will charge up faster, but you can do this without suffering another para-flare.

And that’s that! Once it’s over, use the little blue healing thing, as there’s no save point before you fight

The Small Army


Yeah, since double worms was too easy, huh? Thanks, Lost Odyssey.

But these guys aren’t too bad. Have Kaim and Seth cast shield on themselves. As for Jansen, one word: prism. This battle will probably last as long as it takes for Jansen to cast prism twice (four rounds). Kaim and Seth could more or less pick their ass cracks while this happened, but the best thing for them to do is stay on the defensive, defending where necessary to keep your GC up so that Jansen doesn’t get killed before he pops the spells off. If you feel like attacking, take out a couple front-line soldiers to reduce the enemy’s GC before attacking the pesky white magic guy.

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  1. promethus2808 says:

    good stuff…thanks

  2. Nadine says:

    Ugh my brain just melted out my nose.

    This is too complicated for my brain.

    But if I was into this sorta thing I think I would totally dig this challenge.

  3. Cody says:

    Thanks alot I didn’t know about the yellow band. I had no trouble with the first bogmeister but the second one ruined me with para-flare.

  4. D says:

    Yeah, the first few times I tried him I was lost without the yellow band. And then I didn’t realize my immortals could learn the skill.

  5. RK says:

    So I eventually managed to kill the first one with something like 22 hp (combined!) then got hit by bogster mark 2’s boggy-blasts… sigh

    Tried it again and kept getting fried by stupid ‘force’ hits for 600hp O.o

    Killed (many times) by a god-dammed overgrown glow-worm. I’ll never live this down….

    I can’t wait… I’m off to try the anti-bogimoray success recipe now! 😛

    tyvm 🙂

  6. viperbob says:


  7. D says:

    viperbob – you have the yellow band and all your characters can resist paralysis? What’s killing you?

  8. PJ says:

    Hah. I was a random googler. This helped a lot, also made me feel a little better that I wasn’t the only one being raped by this “Bog-sucking bog-fucker”

    I beat him at level 17, thanks. 😀

  9. D says:

    Right on PJ – glad to help.

  10. chaosmind says:

    brilliant… the “before you start” section took me two hours of beefing up my characters, but after that it worked like a dream. t’anks!

  11. JT says:

    Good god this worm is horrible. I’ve tried 4 times now. Glad you posted this… I had no idea about the yellow band too. Time to get grinding.

    Question.. if you’ve gotten much farther past this, is this boss kind of a fluke? They can’t all be this frustratingly hard for the rest of the game can they? Not looking forward to more of these.

  12. D says:

    I’ve only played about 3-4 hours since the big worm, but no I haven’t seen anything like it yet. The next boss battle, a group of soldiers, killed me a couple times but then I got them back. BTW if anyone is facing that: just keep attacking, don’t bother defending, healing or casting defense spells. Kill em off as fast as possible.

  13. Aaron says:

    When you pick up the yellow band is that what it’s called? I thought I had picked up everything in that area ,but don’t remember yellow band

  14. carrie says:

    thank u so much, i was so close 2 trading the game in 2day. i had no idea that u learn skills that way, i found the yellow band but was 2 stupid 2 realize it helps. ive got every1 prepared now so hopefully im goin kick that 2nd worms ass

  15. Dan says:

    Great tips!

    Had no idea i could learn skills off equipment. Btw, i really dig your writing style.

    Thanks man

  16. D says:

    Thanks Dan, glad you liked. Keep reading the site!

  17. koomikko says:

    Cheers! With your assistance bogmaister-twins are now history.

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