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8-bit Music

I love 8-bit music so much. Music made from old video game sounds and consoles, um yeah, this is me saying I dig that shizat. I was going through some old links I had and found this for 8bitpeoples which is a group of chip music and 8-bit artists.

They even do live gameboy concerts, which is crazy awesome to watch and makes me feel so inept since the most daring thing I ever did with my Gameboy was to pretend it was a super computer when I played Mission Impossible or MacGyver. Yeah…I used to do that. My sister and I had super imagination fueled childhoods, bitches.

Anyway, there’s links to all the individual artists’ sites and each have tons of free songs and videos of performances. I wish there was more of this stuff here locally. Maybe there is but I dunno how to find it. D and I once tried to go to a Robot Music night…It was a terrible, terrible choice…There was good Guinness to drink but pretty much the rest was a lesson in extreme awkwardness. I was with D so that was good, the music was just super bawls.

Sometimes even I can only take so much digital input into my aural nodes…but when I am in the mood this type of music is so essential to my well being.

Right now I’m listening to Randomizer’s Downstairs and you tell me that’s not the sweet tits.

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  1. beaver says:

    oh hells yeah i gots commentary on this post…
    while listening to downstairs…sweet tits

    so recall if you can sista sista – the mad spaceship that was constructed out of minds and meters of corrugated black tubing coiled and spun into a mad wicked portal of universe cruisin fun. Yeah, that was way fun!!! oh imagination…

    what i wanted to say re the 8bittery tuneage was the coolness of like life with peeps who make these and other sweet tunes – and just knowing peeps who like listen to and enjoy these the sounds of our good times. THESE ARE GOOD TIMES.

    There is almost nothing better to me than the epic music of videogames, electronic beats and dancygoodness of selection and note, or the fraking wicked sounds of those the great sci fi and fantasy shows and films….oh notvotw, bsg, lotr, alien(s), conan, escape from ny, terminator scc, TANGERINE DREAM IN LEGEND!!!! haha

    oh hey remember mario paint….oh many a holiday hour with our cousins that first time, just the fact that we could make music for our little animations

    (yeah we sort of made a sex scene – just moving blanket bumps on a bed with like a head or a foot popping out and using the face icon that was like an “ooh” sound HA)

    it was fun, i think i really liked the star, the goose(totally horns section), and um, man i wish i could find that game! (I still think i have it somewhere…)

    so watching the festival doc trailer thingy…so good, especially enjoy that neverending story bit…suh weet.

    {y’all should read that book, it is so so good – it really actually involves you, cooly}

    back to the doc…LOVE that little kid just bustin it at the beginning – after we see composer guy like thrashing and we see the – pluggyinnyboard with wires etc – haha – just watch it and understand that that wee person is like a kindred soul, born here in these energized times, and not afraid to have fun.

    peace and beats

    beats of the revolution?

  2. Nadine says:

    I totally remember the tubing!

    And I TOTALLY forgot the Mario Paint goodness and the fact that you made a sex scene…but I remember now! I sucked at the making of music but you did it awesome styles, same with the animations. Why the bawls hasn’t Nintendo released another Mario Paint? I would buy that just because! That game taught me mouse control!

    And yeah I so sincerely wish that there was a music festival like that here. Everyone in that video looked so happy and into it and just having a great time.

    Beats of the Revolution indeed.

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