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Playing Tron on XBLA Makes You Think…

These things I considered as I tried (repeatedly) to box my opponent via light cycle to little or no avail. It was frustrating to say the least. When I play older games I try to relax my brain and see them for what they really are: math made into flashing lights and sounds. I don’t have to be stressed out, my iPod has more power than these wee games and yet the difficulty astounds my monkey instincts. My sissy next-gen player antics have caught up to me and wiped clean any remnants of skill previously recorded in my 80s-born grey matter.

Oh yeah, sure I am a kid born in ’82, what do I know of arcade games? Well, I did have a Texas Instruments badass with tons of cartridges and I did have a NES and I did rock the 8Bit no matter what you may think. Did I have access to a super lot of titles? Hells no, I was raised in the country! I was lucky to even get a game to rent every month let alone buy any new ones! That damned Game Genie? Where I was from that gold piece of blessed magic meant only one thing = Rich Kid Bitch Face McHas-A lot-o-Stuff. And I was not one of those.

Back to Tron. I like Tron. I like the colours and ideals of Tron. Fight the machine IN the machine! Awesome. Get me some of that. Have I seen the movie? No…Have not. Weird. Yeah. Will I? Someday maybe…Do I like to play with light cycles regardless? Shit yeah, bitches. And so should you so try the demo and test you skillz. You may be surprised when it takes you half an hour to uncover them again…30 minutes of piss ass angry…But success is as sweet as the smell of a new MacBook!

2 comments on "Playing Tron on XBLA Makes You Think…"

  1. D says:

    I used to frickin’ love Tron. They used to have these little tron frisbees that came in Shreddies and I made my parents buy so many Shreddies so I could collect them.

    Tron is, as far as I knows, the first attempt to visually dramatize the inner workings of a computer, and a huge inspiration to John Lasseter, chief Pixar guy.

  2. Nadine says:

    I love the dramatization of the inner workings of a computer.

    Reboot was, like, the BSG of its animated time…

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