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Top Ten Stuffs I Learned From Gaming in 2007!

10. If you have a bag of doritos beside you when you’re playing Halo online and then eat one chip every time you die it soon becomes apparent that you’ll eat the whole bag in like 15 minutes. Seriously, your hand gets all sticky so you don’t really have enough time to get back in the flow of playing before you get killed again so then you eat another chip and the whole thing starts again. Vicious, but delicious, cycle.

9. Waiting to buy your 360 simply because you want a limited edition game version is silly to most people. But for a hardcore fan silliness is next to godliness.

8. The PS3 is beautiful, wonderful, and sorely in need of some actual games…but when that day comes a terrible power will overtake all the free 360 players of this world…

7. I should read Atlas Shrugged.

6. The stupid and lame boss battle PUSH THE BUTTON RIGHT NOW!!!” technique spawned in God of War is fast becoming an epidemic throughout the gaming world.

6.5 The above mentioned disgusts me.

5. I actually don’t Wii that much anymore…I think I need another Zelda.

4. Motion control belongs to the Wii – all other consoles should NOT attempt to implement it. Serious Games + Motion Control = Anger and Violence against $40 controllers.

3. Sex with aliens is finally becoming a priority!

2. Lesbian sex with aliens is finally becoming a priority!

1. Portal is the next best thing to having a holodeck!

2 comments on "Top Ten Stuffs I Learned From Gaming in 2007!"

  1. beaver says:

    i like your list…

    i want more lists.

    here is a list of lists i am interested in seeing, from you and your peeps…

    1) 10 games you LOVED to begin with, but haven’t played in a billion years (for various reasons)

    2) 10 things you found out about you as a self from playing various games – likes, personality traits

    3) 10 best game soundtracks ever, ever

    4) a list of the hottest game characters ever, in all ways

    5) a list of favorite gaming innovations – that is a top five list though…

    6) hey Nadine, remember that plan to eat food that required no chewing. i think that should still happen. and i want a list of those foods…

    7) a list of hardest bosses/levels/puzzles etc (even if they aren’t hard now, those first encounters are list material i think)

  2. Nadine says:

    These lists are interesting…I don’t remember the food one but I think that would just consist of various puddings…which I can handle since I adore puddings.

    The top ten things I found out about myself…God, that I am MEAN and I’m also great at map memory…for some reason.

    More to come when I give it more thought and it’s own post!

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