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What Are You Playing? Second Edition

TokuAssassin’s Creed (XBOX 360): Awesome, but I may have talked about this quite a bit already.
Mass Effect (XBOX 360): I play this and feel like I am drowning a little bit… but in a good way, like drowning in jell-o. It’s a huge sci-fi game and I am an enourmous sci-fi addict, so for all it’s finicky little details and faults I will love it regardless.

Nadine – I’m all about Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3) right now and it’s so sexy and sleek and makes me very happy. Like Ratchet, I don’t want the experience to end. These jungle island adventures (play King Kong) are so soothing for some reason and the PS3 is just seducing me so hardcore right now….Lucky for my 360 as soon as I finish Drake there will be nothing left to really play on the PS3 for me besides Pain, and since I am not a guy I don’t really think I’ll play it for more than 5 minutes. More on that after the 5 minutes. I’ve saved Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed for the dark winter months ahead….after I replay Ratchet and Clank…Seriously.

GigerHR – This week’s pretty much been all Assassin’s Creed, all the time. It’s a great looking game, and the gameplay is top notch. Climbing walls, stabbin’ guards in the back and more collectibles than you can shake a short blade at. I’ve also been adding some songs to my list of “Guitar Hero 3 tracks I’ve 5-starred on Hard.” Cliffs of Dover – Check. Stricken – Check. Only 6 more to go, baby!

DMass Effect (Xbox 360), as you could tell from the review. I also played some Beatiful Katamari with my lady friend and I’m happy to report that she wants to play it again. As for me, I keep on looking around seeing objects that are just begging to be rolled up. EVERYTHING must be rolled up.

3 comments on "What Are You Playing? Second Edition"

  1. smbm says:

    ok, i have a question for you lot.

    my partner and I are ready to enter the next gen console market (finally). We can only afford one at this time, so what do you guys think it should be?

    The sheer amount of games available for the 360 makes me want that.

    The fun factor of the Wii makes me want that.

    And the potential of the PS3 makes me want that.

    oh, and not yet having a next gen console, i’ve been practicing my dragon punch old school on SF II (XBox).

  2. D says:

    Good question. What kind of games do you like? That plays into it. The Wii is hard to find, and it ain’t HD, but neither other console really compares. Yes, the 360 has a good variety of games, although weak in some spots (strategy!) The PS3… Well, I’ve got a DS and a 360, and I’m thinking heavily about the PS3. The Blu-Ray action is what’s convincing me, but there’s also some games that I will be sad if I miss.

  3. smbm says:

    i like a variety of games, which is part of the problem. i’ve been a genesis person, snes person, psI person, and xbox person…so i have no loyalties per se. I enjoy syphon filter type games, halo, platform games, role playing games, sports, really, many different ones.

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