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From the Future Bargain Bin Dep't: The Simpsons Game

It’s the writing you’ll really play for, though. I can’t agree that it’s “never funny”. Hell, I haven’t watched the Simpsons in ages, and whenever I get into one of those “it used to be good” conversations, my definition of the canonical seasons is drastically narrower than anyone else’s (I like 3 to 6 and that’s about it). Yet, to me, the following lines are up there with the best:

The latter made me laugh out loud and thereby miss the platform I was trying to jump to.

But there is no god but gameplay, and no matter how good the writing, it’s hard to recommend this title over those which are actually a lot more fun to play, like a lot of the A-list titles currently flooding every platform. So wait for it until you can get it cheap, or rent it, and when you’re done with the big names sometime in february, check this one out.