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In fact for the very brief time it takes for you to finish it I fell in love with the game. But, it ended far to soon with very little to show for it, and I was left used, lying on the sidewalk begging for more.

Why, oh why must you hurt me so, dear Portals?

So I decided to make my comic about it, it was suppose to be about Eye of Judgement and was debating on making a comment on its ‘eye’ and Max’s lack thereof. However, I soon shrugged that idea off as stupid and made what I think is a better one.

In the last panel I wanted the flying helmet thing to say “psht… I dunno… Hell?” and have Pinhead from Hellraiser poking his head through. In the spirit of gaming I stuck with this instead.

Plus I kind of like the idea of Max having free riegn to wander through the world of video games.

3 comments on "Portal"

  1. D says:

    Well, I’m not sure. I mean I see what you mean, whenever one plays an excellent game one is left wanting more. But at the same time 1. depending on price, I’m happy with shorter games and quite liked the length of portal 2. whatever they did to make that game… shouldn’t be messed with.

    Just wish I could play it and Half-Life 2 without getting motion sick. I had to return the Orange Box, and I was really excited to play it.

  2. D says:

    Oh yeah, you should totally do Pinhead as a recurring character.

  3. Nadine says:

    Silent Hill scares me.

    I love Portal.

    I love cake.

    I want cake…

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