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What Are You Playing? Inaugural Edition

This is where we Robot writers speak up about what we’re getting down with. Let us know what you’re playing in the comments yo.

MagsLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii). The head-scratching dungeons are so deliciously puzzling they make running to Gamefaqs for quick relief seem like an ethical failure. The buckets o’ plot-twisty goodness makes it more addictive than Robocop 2’s “nuke”. And swinging the Wiimote like a sword turns me back into an eight year old at Cub Camp, battling pretend giant spiders in the forest with nothing more than a stick and an endless supply of imagination.

GigerHRNaruto: Rise of a Ninja (Xbox 360). The most fun I’ve had leaping off of tall buildings since Crackdown, and the best cell-shaded animation I’ve ever seen in a game. Naruto looks fantastic, and plays even better.

NigelNaruto: Rise of The Ninja. I agree with Giger, it has best cell shading ever and I like the idea of charging chakra to do special moves. The game is very much like the anime, I just wish it had Japanese language option.

Dracula X Chronicles (PSP). I love having my Castleviana on the go and the music sounds even better on the headphones. “Symphony of Night” needed equal billing to the Re-do of “Rondo of Blood”.
Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS). Love the game, but I HATE the Sea kings temple. I’d have given up by now, but I feel honour bound to finish it after trading my Cube and unfinished twilight princess in order to get my 360 and Halo 3.
TokuPortal (part of The Orange Box, Xbox 360). Far too short a game for its type, incredibly fun to play but I could use some trickier puzzles and more enemies. Hopefully this will spawn a sequel in the black mesa world that was so subtly suggested at the end of the game.

DThe Simpsons Game (Xbox 360). Fun and good writing, and lots of great parodies of games, but the camera is driving me insane. Also trying out Heroes of Mana on the DS.

NadineGuitar Hero III (Xbox 360). I beat Slash last night. This game makes me so angry sometimes that my fingers move in ways I didn’t know they could. And I started a new strumming technique to get my anger out and although it hurt my palm after a while it was really fun to do. I love this game.

Portal (Xbox 360) I keep playing the first ten levels over and over again to show it to people, but I watched Toku finish it and I just adore this game. It’s just so satisfying, what more can be said?

4 comments on "What Are You Playing? Inaugural Edition"

  1. smbm says:

    Contra on the NES

  2. emma says:

    dominoes, on my coffee table

  3. Mica says:

    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC, but played on Wii) — Several people insisted that I had to play Wind Waker before starting into Phantom Hourglass, so here I am, playing through Wind Waker. 🙂 Loving the Zelda-y goodness, enjoying the visual style, being frustrated by some of the puzzles.

  4. Nadine says:

    Contra?! I love that you are actually playing it on the NES and not a virtual console…!

    emma, you are analog awesome! I don’t know how to play dominoes and you always beat me at chess…so I will not learn from you…

    Mica, yes you should play Wind Waker before Hourglass. IF you have the time that is and I’m glad you do! Wind Waker was such a great adventure!

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