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Can't Stop The Eye!

I’ve never been a super card player, stats are confusing and complicated and when I’ve tried to play D&D it always takes me forever to go through the process of character creation. Seriously, I am so ADD when it comes to character sheets. Give me a controller and a tv screen and I’m golden, pencil and paper…not…so…much…

Anyway, we all get the concept. Lay your cards down and one will inevitably be better than the other or be able to defend against the other and bam you have an epic battle that ends with one card being dimissed from play. This is not the tea I want in my cup.

Enter – Yesterday when I experienced the Eye up close and personal like. As I watched a card being placed on the playing mat and the players hand became visible underneath the battlefield on screen I felt a sort of omnipotent crazy flicker within me. I flashed back to the first time I watched Clash of the Titans as a child. ‘Yes’, my inner Divine called out to me, ‘You wield the power of life and death in your hands!’ I ached to experience that power. Suddenly, a plume of dark magic erupted from the card that had been set down. A huge, fierce creature emerged from the cloud, horns gleaming from the red devil’s head, its whip slashing against the hide of the cat like monstrosity it rode. My heart stopped. Chaos magic. The smaller figures on the battlefield scurried about helplessly as the chaotic whip slashed them apart. Ecstasy. Pure and complete geek out to the extreme fantasy awesome. Of course, that’s how I experienced it.

Many people may find my description over the top and melodramatic but that fact remains this device inspired me to express myself that way. I was inspired to completely and utterly geek out and feel like I was ten years old again in my back yard pretending I was Luke Skywalker (…the hell?).

The whole debate about what title will change the fate of the PS3 is stupid in my opinion. But in terms of what I would be looking at this christmas as new and fun and playable, well, Eye of Judgement fits that bill. I’m not saying blow hundreds of dollars on a card game. I’m just saying we’re finally starting to see some games that are using what the PS3 has to offer…mostly.

I want to play Eye of Judgement. I want to have nights where I can play this with my friends just like when I play Halo 3 or Guitar Hero (and soon Rock Band) or Wii Sports. I’m happy because now I can share the PS3 with my friends who don’t have one. Not just “oh hey watch the cut scenes of Heavenly Sword” but something far more satisfying.

It will be interesting to see if this game will have a Red Sea effect on the gaming community. All I know is that I want to play it even though I had raged against it previously because I thought it was the end times for imagination.

Yet now I see it is not a herald of the imagination ice age…It is the bright centre of the nerd fire within us all.

And I say, let it burn.

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  1. D says:

    Ah bright centre of the nerd fire. My hat is off to you.

    Now that’s a turn of phrase.

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