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Okay For Serious Stop Whining About Halo

If you don’t like watching Halo 3 ads, here’s a wacky thought: DON’T WATCH THEM.

No one complains when a new Final Fantasy comes out and there’s a load of ads and product placement for that. Yes, we’re not in Japan where FF is the mad crazy king of all things, but Halo isn’t popular there, it’s popular in North America so why shouldn’t it be blasted with ads?
Oh, a super-successful franchise is about to release another installment and they want to appeal to both the multiplayer caffienated gamer, the story driven gamer, the hungry for realism gamer, and the don’t mind if it’s cheesy I’m just mad crazy for this ‘verse gamer. There’s something for everyone which just goes to show you how diverse the Halo fans are!
They way this game bashing crap erupts with a bunch of “finally someone said they hate halo so do i and here’s why yeah i’m cool and i hate stuff that i don’t even play” astounds me. Yay gamer intolerance! Way to go on the game bashing dudes, totally awesome of you! “Yeah stuff that a lot of people like is stupid and lame!” “I’m so different and chic to the tits! Look how I have such disdain for what frat gamers like!”

Suck it up, go play whatever you want on whichever console suits your fancy and holy damns just shut it and leave Halo fans alone. You like Metal Gear? Wow, cool awesome wish it made so much money that when a new one came out you got loads of different press, sorry it doesn’t get that though. Oh hey you like Advanced Warfighter? Cool, I dig that too, I prefer fighting aliens to humans though but no worries. Oh really, you enjoy Gears of War? Why isn’t that crazy, so do I! It’s so gritty and violent and way different than Halo, which is why I play it. Wow, look at all the different games out there that suit different tastes. Too bad one makes an assload of money all the time so they promote it more… Oh but maybe because of that, future titles will also get a little more attention in the mainstream consumer eye.

One can hope.

Or dare I say it…Believe.

3 comments on "Okay For Serious Stop Whining About Halo"

  1. H says:

    1 out of 1 Helenas agree. That’s balls.

  2. D says:

    I was expecting to not agree with you for some reason, but of course I do. Halo gets pegged as the frat boy game, mostly I’m guessing by people who haven’t played it, or have only played multiplayer matchmaking. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

    I suppose any massive onslaught of marketing can get pretty annoying if you’re not interested in whatever it is they’re selling, though.

  3. smbm says:


    I’m a frat boy, and i SURE love Halo!!

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