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More X'07 Memories – Age of Conan

After talking with Jason and the other rep from Eidos I was just really excited and pleased with their enthusiasm for the material and how they took the original books seriously. One thing Jason and I got to talking about was the success of WoW and how poor little EverQuest just wasn’t cutting it in comparison. We got to talking ice cream actually. If you want vanilla ice cream you’re going to just have the good stuff, why settle for another version of vanilla when you already have one you like? EverQuest is a grainy non-dairy ice cream bar compared to the Hagan Das French Vanilla that is WoW. Any other fantasy action rpg MMO is not gonna be able to go up against WoW. Age of Conan, on the other hand, isn’t vanilla at all. It’s Rocky Road to the extreme. Its loads of blood, sex, gore, freaky ass temples and Stygian creepy tombs. It’s the vicious hard life of the Hyborian age! This isn’t some let’s dance and make kissy face after we successfully raided that dungeon.

Anyway! I’m super excited about Age of Conan because it’s a MMO that I can play on a console with no pesky PC! I can join my PC gaming cousins just a few short months after its release (March 25 2008) on my beloved 360. I can go about my business taking missions from the great King of Aquilonia and maybe meet some fellow Conan fans. Now a note here on fans, I myself only read the original novels. I don’t read the comics and I don’t read the wannabe novels that came afterwards. In many things I am a purist, in some things I am a rampant bastard loving fangirl. In Conan’s case I just can’t read anything that’s not part of the Robert E. Howard oeuvre. So I hope to meet some fans that share that mind set. Ha Set! He he…Yeah.

Hopefully Age of Conan will be able to satisfy my hopes and dreams of a truly Conan experience. If not, well…I can always read the books for the seven millionth time. However, if this game does indeed become legend then I will see you there and maybe fight alongside you. If you are one of the many who does not appreciate Conan…then I won’t see you…and be happier for it.