Angry Robot

I Didn't See Halo 3

I also had the chance to get up close and sexy with my beloved Halo 3 yesterday but I refused myself the privilege. You see, I love the multiplayer and I spoiled myself rotten with that lovely beta taste a few months back. The single player experience, however, belongs to my dreams until that fated early morning on Sept 25th. On that day I will embrace the final chapter of the story, the world, the epic that is Halo.

Now alot of people think Halo is just for the standard “male athletic baseball cap wearing frat” gamer. Not so. Sure, Halo 2 is one of the major titles in almost every gaming tournament/league out there today, but, like a fine wine or a multilayered cake, Halo is a complex beast. The single player is one layer of fun, the co-op enhances the experience even more. Then you stumble into multiplayer madness and the fun just doesn’t want to end. There were so many ways for Halo 2 to delight I could go on and on. And yes, it slashed at the very heart of my gamer core when the credits began to roll as Master Chief headed to Earth…that pissed my bawls like nothing else. Yet time heals all wounds..and you can’t play Halo 2 forever.

Back to the point. Halo 3 is not just for jocks. Just because it’s extremely user friendly in the multiplayer aspect that doesn’t mean it’s just a jock game. The Halo story and universe are beautiful, the characters instantly iconic and endearing. It’s not all marketing and fabulous Xbox Live numbers – there’s a soul to Halo. And I know that I am not alone in being touched by that soul. Everyone has their Holy Grail, their Valhalla, their Special Happy Place. For this gamer it is Halo. Jocks can play my game, but they do not now nor will they ever love it as much as I do.

And that dear friends is why I could not let myself be tainted with any sweet Halo preview pleasures…I must wait for that uninterrupted moment at around 12:45 am 09/25/07. Only then can I honestly and truly enjoy it.