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YAN Post About the Halo 3 Beta

So, originally my friend Nadine and I got on splitscreen-style and played against random strangers. That was not a great experience, which I suppose was unsurprising because I hate matchmaking – as I’ve mentioned here before.

(We actually recorded a “podcast”, which should be up here soon – and parts of it may appear on the Space podcast. Next week though.)

Anyway, we played again last night, this time in a group of eight friends (and friends of friends). That causes the system to not add any random strangers since you already have enough for two teams, so we played against each other for a couple hours.

It was so much better. Freed from the incessant radio chatter (and superior skills) of southern children, we could learn the maps a little better, try out the new weapons, and see what uses ‘equipment’ can be put to.