Angry Robot

Ol' Dirty

If I’ve got a problem, a problem’s got a problem.
– Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Dirt McGirt aka Joe Bannanas aka Big Baby Jesus

First off, he’s out of jail and has a new album coming out. I didn’t follow his transgressions in great detail, but they are legion and come together to form possibly the bestest, most hilariotragic AMG bio ever. [also recommended: Milli Vanilli and Styx] You should read the whole thing, but if you do not you should at least know that he has been charged twice with making “terrorist threats” – before 2001. He also called a female DA a “sperm donor” and then took a nap in court. Pharrell Williams casually compares him to Jesus in this article, which was written during his stint in the Clinton Correctional Facility and which alarmed me greatly when it first was published, as it seems he wasn’t ha-ha crazy as much as just plain crazy, and unlikely to survive jail. Well he did – can’t wait to hear his latest craziness, ha-ha or not.