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Cheney Watch

Haliburton gets at least $1.7-billion out of Iraq (and private companies are getting as much as one-third of the $3.9-bil spent by the US per month in Iraq), Cheney’s secret energy policy group (aka Enron et al.) under fire, little press for a quiet Haliburton scheme to oil-rape the Amazon. Everywhere you look, Cheney’s getting paid. “Operation God-Emperor With Bionic Cardiopulmonary System” is going to be damn expensive, after all. BONUS FUN GAME! Do a google image search for “cheney” and try to pick out the most evil-looking portrait. In some he simply looks like a normal man forcing a smile as he struggles to supress the massive seething urge to slaughter everyone in the room, in others, well… it looks like he’s finally announcing his plan to make dessert cakes and tuxedoes out of the world’s poorest children.

3 comments on "Cheney Watch"

  1. Dick Cheney says:

    You’re a very cruel person – I can’t help how I look.

  2. D says:

    Gosh, I’m sorry, Mr. Vice President. For a mere 0.01% of your company’s Iraq revenue, you’ll be a striking vision of modern-day geopolitical nobility, with compassionate eyes and an attitude suffused with youthful vigour.

  3. vig-rx says:

    [comment deleted – spam]

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