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Dream Review #1

I’m in the employ of Boards of Canada – I’ve been hired to adapt what seems to be a thick legal document into song form. Why they want this done is not explained. However, before I can complete the task I am chased by some nebulous evil. The chase goes on for some time, but before the outcome is resolved the dream fades into obscurity. I wake and take a slash.

All in all this was a disappointing dream. The premise is intriguing, if somewhat unbelievable; but of course it’s barely developed before the requisite chase scene takes over. Can we have some dramatic unity here? Even the chase is nothing to write home about, since we are given no villain to oppose, and there’s no resolution at all – the dream just peters out as if it lost interest in itself. Sometimes you just have to ask – what’s the point of it all?

I give this dream one and a half stars.

2 comments on "Dream Review #1"

  1. Roy Kraft says:

    Without having seen and/or experienced the dream I am prepared to give it 2 stars for originality and ambition. Contemporary dreaming lacks so much imagination and ambition. This dream seems to hold an intriguing premise with some off-beat quirky characters. Throw in a little of the old legal-courtroom-bone-chilling-drama, add a chase sequence or two and you’ve at least got yourself and 2 star dream. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  2. D says:

    Maybe you’re right, Roy… I was really excited about having a good dream and was a bit disappointed by this one. I sure could have used a bit of courtroom drama in there. What are the odds of a remake tonight?

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