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wolf's new vid

Anger Management spokesman Wolf Hardeyk has a brand new video available on his site.

6 comments on "wolf's new vid"

  1. meester t says:

    Ace! [Your link to it has gone a bit pete tong though]

  2. D says:

    This link, on this page? Works okay for me. Although I don’t know who pete tong is, so maybe I’m misinterpreting?

    Glad you liked.

  3. meester t says:

    The link i’m getting is:

    and it gives a 404. just thought i say so no one misses out on Wolf’s wisdom.

    Pete Tong is an English dj but i was giving it a bit of the old faux cockney rhyming slang as in pete tong = wrong.

  4. D says:

    Okay, I fixed it now. Weird – I was using Mozilla before, which must have autocorrected that error.

    Very cool cockney dictionary there.

  5. tv says:

    Fucking side-splitting.

  6. ÿ says:

    Dude, this one really kills.

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