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great sentences of late

“I want to be so rich my limo driver has a limo driver.”
– Brooks

“I know a narcoleptic named michelle, but everyone calls her Nappy.”

“Out of all the men who’ve claimed to be my father, I think I like Mitch the second best.”

2 comments on "great sentences of late"

  1. Mark Kapel says:

    Religion is the downfall of faith

  2. Emlekir says:

    Someday a guy says a great sententence to me, and 9 i can’t remember exactly…. someone can help me if he knows that: Free ur mind, reset ur brain, and reload ur live…
    I think that is more longer, or he take’s of somewhere, i don’t know. help me plx…
    I’m spanish and i stay in USA the last month(when this guy says that), sorry 4 my english, i know tahat is very poor

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