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The weblogger’s best friend is google, as many have pointed out. Many have also pointed out their bizarre search requests (mental image of thousands of webmasters scratching their heads over searches like “wife “adult diaper”“ and “gangbang crimefighter”). This very weblog is proud to be the #1 google result for king of jumpsuit, the #1 choice for wimpy burger, #3 for iraq and 911, #7 for closet fascist and millenium actress, and #17 for obey giant.

Why is that, I’ll pretend you ask?

The answer is simple, little Timmy. pats head of adorable little scamp My individual archives use the entry title as the HTML title tag, which google prioritizes highly. (It also favours weblogs in general, but that’s a long story.) Hence, an entry titled “wimpy burger” takes the wimpy burger crown. Suck it, Wimpy Burger!

But enough of this palaver. On to the point. There’s been a lot of talk lately across the weblog scene about googlebombing. Googlebombing to date seems either jokey or aggressive, either a lark perpetrated on a friend’s site or a populist uprising against a corrupt web company. What about benevolent googlebombing? What if I was concerned that a certain google search wasn’t returning relevant information easily enough, so I set up a page with that info and try to get Google to rank it as high as possible? That’s right, I’m going to try exactly that, on the topic of Russ Meyer… coming soon. I’ve done repeated searches for the man and what the web needs is a page with all the relevant data in one place. Having watched almost all his films (for work! I swear!), I think I could help out.

And by the way, I’d also like to be the number one search result for shitbag.

10 comments on "shitbag"

  1. Sassy says:

    #1 search result for shitbag huh?! Sweeeet, I’d be pretty excited about that as well.

  2. D says:

    Yes, little Sassy! *pats adorable little Sassy on the head, tweaks cheek* But unfortunately, I don’t think I have it…

    Oh, good fucking lord! I’m already #1 for shitbag, I never even checked! I even beat out… Which is pretty neat BTW, check out their shitbag FAQ.

  3. D says:

    If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, which is that “#1 for Shitbag” would make a great film title, you should also have a look at quonsar’s shitbag-related film title suggestions.

  4. Sassy says:

    And to think I have only ever used shit bag as a juvenile insult! I have a new found respect for shitbag, the possibilities are endless.

  5. D says:

    Shitbag is a versatile word, that’s for shitbaggin’ sure, yo. Boy howdy, am I gonna rule the google results for shitbag after this page!

    Before I start gloating, maybe I should take a long hard look at what I consider important in this crazy world.

    For my epitaph, then: “Daragh Sankey. #1 for shitbag.”

  6. You’ll always be a shitbag to me, Daragh.

  7. D says:

    As long as Stavros and Google consider me a shitbag, then my work is done.

    Just realized how thoroughly I botched the succaland googlebomb… in an attempt to label two companies shitbags, I thouroughly and permanently labeled myself shitbag. It’s good that I’m not allowed to play with any other types of bombs. However, it doesn’t seem like this was actually a real case of domain theft, not technically anyway, so maybe it’s just as well.

  8. D says:

    Update: I’m no longer #1 for wimpy burger. But, I am now #1 and #2 for shitbag. Yeeeeehah! Shitbag King and runner-up, all at once!

  9. D says:

    Blast. Now I’m number four and five, although I lost out to a quality product, skitfaced Shitbag Wine (I’ve always preferred Chateau du Shitbag, but I’m fancy like that). But for the love of all that’s fair and good, how on God’s earth did some site called land the top two search results for “shitbag”?

  10. tv says:

    I never tire of Shitbag Wine!

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