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second-hand waitressing story

This guy walks in, a really big guy. Fat old guy, with a cane. He’s got white pants, buttoned up really high – up to his chin, practically. Waitress spills two waters and a coke on his pants. She apologizes. He groans, heads to the washroom. He comes back with stacks of paper towels wadded up on his chin-pants. He proceeds to eat his dinner, soaking wet.

4 comments on "second-hand waitressing story"

  1. kathy says:

    a guy walks into a bar and gets really drunk but wants more

  2. sandy says:

    A skinny sceary looking man says that hes aloud to smoke in the no smoking area

  3. april says:

    I say grrr !!! baby

  4. britta says:

    a ghetto family comes in runs you to death “hates there meal”,than wants it free, then tips you nothing! sound familiar to anyone

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