Angry Robot


Yesterday I hopped into the Colt to run some errands. I threw in an unmarked tape. Bam – surprise bliss. The tape had the theme song from Parappa the Rapper — or maybe not the theme song; I think it’s the last song you hear when you beat the game. “We can do it.” It’s a masterpiece of enlightened cheese, and I felt like a blessed maniac driving around to it, as loud as my little speakers would go. We recorded it to use as part of a sketch show we did at Second City a couple years back, Satan sang it to Jesus, or maybe Jesus to Satan, when one or the other of them was feeling a little down.

So take a listen, and picture in the music video of your mind’s eye either a) cruising around a sweltering city with nothing but trouble on your agenda; b) Satan comforting a depressed Jesus; or c) Vladimir Putin singing it to George W. Bush, thereby convincing him to drop the whole missile defence thing and get down to some class-A lovin.’