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What Happened to

When I try to access the newsmaking anti-Rogers petition site, I get a 403 forbidden error. However, I’m still seeing referrals coming in from it, so some people are getting through. Hordes of angry commenters are assuming that Rogers themselves are blocking the site, which is hilarious but probably untrue as I’m on Bell and can’t get through. I’d assume the traffic took the server down, and then it was misconfigured upon return, but that doesn’t explain how people are still visiting it. Hmm..

UPDATE: It’s back, and it was a server issue.

2 comments on "What Happened to"

  1. Dan says:

    Rogers is in fact blocking the website. The customer service reps are admitting this and saying all complaints should be directed to the office of the president. They have broken their own stance of net neutrality to suppress dissenting opinions against them. This is absolutely disgusting and reeks of the old secret police in east germany.

  2. D says:

    I don’t know, Dan – I’m on Bell. Don’t think Rogers could block my access without doing a denial of service attack on the site. You talked to a Rogers rep and that’s what they said?

    Incidentally, seems to be mirrored here.

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