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Rogers "blue" t-shirt draws fire

Rogers Communications Inc. has rolled out “blue” t-shirts, but critics are saying the company’s shirts are anything but.

Rogers spokeswoman Elizabeth Hamilton said the shirts reflect the changing state of the t-shirt marketplace.

&##8220;We’re in the business of offering high-value services to customers.”

Critics say the shirts are, in fact, red.

“What appears to be a good shirt on the surface comes with some serious caveats,” wrote Marc Lostracco, assistant editor of the Torontoist website. “Customers need to remember that a company calling something ‘blue’ doesn’t actually make it so.”

Hamilton disputed the criticism and said the shirts fit the uses that customers were asking for.

“It’s actually quite good value,” she said.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of it, wouldn’t you say? I thought it was pretty clear what unlimited meant in the context of cellphone data plans, but Rogers sure doesn’t think so. Shit like this keeps us Canucks in the technological ghetto, as Steve notes.

2 comments on "Rogers "blue" t-shirt draws fire"

  1. Nadine says:

    Okay for serious this is stupid! What the hell? Why do we live in the land of digital doom? Not only does Canadian itunes suck beyond belief (I coould be getting Farscape for cheaps dammit!) but cell phone plans are ass bawls stupid too. And when the iPhone gets here? I just wish there was some international service I could use instead of having to rely on a national one…bawls to nationalism in the digital realm.

    I ramble. The real problem here is this blatant corruption of the word “unlimited”. Unlimited, much like “organic” is now being used as a brand name, a certain premium service type – it’s the best you can get but still not truly unlimited.

    Ugh, it hurts my head.

    It hurts my heart.

  2. D says:

    Well, if our advertising standards council wasn’t a bunch of industry-run rubber-stampers, doublespeak like this wouldn’t make it to air. You can’t say “unlimited” when you really mean “limited”. Or, I guess, you can!

    The iTunes thing is more complemicated, but yeah dude.. nerd ghetto.

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