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That's No Couch, That's an F-16!

Chris brought some Super Deluxe Limited edition of the game, so it came with even more goodies:

An Ace Combat 360 faceplate…

…nd the Ace Edge: two jet fighter style controllers

The controllers add to the immersion in the game, but they don’t do much for co-pilots. Chris kept telling me to get out of his F-16!

You get a variety of jets fighters to choose from, starting with this one.

At the begining you start of defending the capital city “Gracemeria” from the Estovakiaian air force. According to gaming gossip, they had to change the names of countries and cites so that consumers couldn’t live out their dreams of international terrorism on digital replicas.

I found controlling the plane to be a little difficult at first, so I saw a lot of this screen you see here.

Missile locks help a lot when fighting a multiple squadrons of fighter jets

You can even dog fight in between the buildings if your feeling like a true “Top Gun”.

You can’t hear it but all the chatter between pilots also adds to the feel on the game

The game by itself wouldn’t have sold me, but the Edge controllers make Ace Combat 6 pretty enjoyable. I’m not really into the military style games, but playing with friends really takes the edge off and makes it more fun. Try it out if you get the chance.

2 comments on "That's No Couch, That's an F-16!"

  1. Nadine says:

    Did you say…iPhone?

    And holy crap those controllers look awesome!

    Changing city names because of terrorism…what a world…

    I wish I could play more games like this one but I suck, suck, sucketh mucheth at realistic fighter sims…

  2. D says:

    Try the demo, it’s not really that realistic. It’s pretty fun; I want to try it with those controllers at some point.

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