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I Was in Stargate!

Sandtrap is this huge, and I mean HUGE outdoor map in the desert with loads of vehicles and all the big guns and turrets you can handle. There are these ruins, like sand coloured stone ruins which is really interesting because usually on the big maps there are always metal Halo ring like ruins. Here it was more like ye olden temple like ruins hence my Stargate affiliation.

After we played Guardian (which I totally sucked at because I was too busy being in awe at everything I saw) we settled into a round of killy kill kill on Sandtrap and that’s when my super Brute Shot powers burst forth.

I loves me the Brute Shot, always have, but this version is much better. I don’t know if they really did tweak it or if it was in my head but when I was standing on one temple rooftop and the blue team guy was waaaay on the other side of this corridor between the two temples I was totally nailing him with the Brute Shot. The explosions looked better too. I love how the physics of that weapon feel…Just really like it.

The Elephant! Oh my god what fun, what fun! I don’t know about storming an enemy stronghold with that since our red team was scattered to the four winds of “oh man this is so awesome look at this look at this!” we didn’t have much in the way of strategy. The blue team, however, was able to get it together to try and move that beast (that beautiful beast) and attack our Warthogs. I totally took out two guys in the rear entrance of the Elephant with grenades and the guy driving didn’t notice (it’s a big vehicle!) and then I shot him from behind. Yeah…sweet. So anyway, I tried driving it but its slow so I dropped down to the front and lo and behold a wee Mongoose was resting there waiting to be scooted away. Unfortunately for the Mongoose my eyes were drawn to the hulking post apocalyptic looking menace that was the Brute Prowler. What a great name. Anyway, that was fun! A bit shaky to drive but then again it’s a crazy piece of machinery but fun to tear through things with.

The weapons! God do I love the weapons. I was so busy in all the vehicles that the only weapons I really played with were the Brute Shot and the Rocket Launcher, which I kept trying to auto lock on with and apparently you can’t do that anymore so I dropped it after a quick bit. These were both for long range though so I had to try some face to face combat and for that I chose the Brute Gravity Hammer. Holy damns that be the fun. I was smashing down and watching guys fly back dead as could be. Many blues died that way…So satisfying. I have always loved the game type of Swords on Foundation in Halo 2 and I can’t wait to use a Gravity Hammer only game on an extra small map for maximum crazy times. It’s gonna be great.

In conclusion, I really like the warm outdoor maps and Sandtrap is now King of them All. It’s such a huge map so I can’t wait to see some intense multiplayer but it’s also great for crazy games like vehicles only or some banshee fights. I’m so satisfied with the maps I’ve seen so far that any more are just bonuses. I can’t wait for Sept 25th. There’s so much to play and do! Not only the single player but I have to explore every single map in detail as soon as possible. Not to mention the Forge aspect and the Saved Films feature. There’s just so much to enjoy!

Sandtrap forever!

(Also, anyone wanting to make some Stargate themed Machinima on Sandtrap you have my blessing. Character customizing opens so many doors…)