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Until the giant move of servers and content management systems, I don’t think I’ll write anything here. That massive paradigm shift should happen within two weeks. It will be exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until then, I’ll be deep below the earth’s crust in my haunted web-lab, stitching a monster together from discarded PHP, forgotten javascript, and the souls of old photos I took many moons ago.

5 comments on "Dormancy"

  1. robot johnny says:

    I expect great things — things worthy of so many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to bandy about many hearty OMGs with reckless abandon!!!!!!!!!!

    If you’re lucky, maybe even an OMFG!!!!!!

  2. lucia says:

    You are such a hard working, yummy, super cool kat! I can’t wait to see your new site! All the long hours you’ve put in deserve something fanfukintastical. I’ll be sure to spoil you like you’ve never been spoiled when that baby is up & running. hurry.

  3. D says:

    Dudes it will be THE GREATEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!


  4. D says:

    There’s not really a superlot more to do, if I may speak the truth. Piddly shit like moving the MT sites (y, king, caesar), setting up email accounts and that sort of jazz.

  5. willy says:

    New and improved the future is here 🙂

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