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The Cheerleaders

Upon viewing this film it becomes apparent that the shit-eating and pie-fucking of modern day teen sex comedies withers next to the unbridled debauchery of their 70s forebears. This film contains the following, in what must be adopted immediately as the gold standard content requirements of the genre: cheerleader tryouts; various post-cheering shower scenes including one with janitor peeping; a sleazy dad; a de-virgining; acid and pot; gratuitous lesbianism; a five-minute toe-sucking scene; sex with bikers; sex in a bear costume; and a slumber party that evolves into an all-nite gangbang. Kudos to Ace Baandige et al for their unrelenting pursuit of realism – they have captured perfectly the porno thrillride that is teenage life. Oh and they wrote the line “Jimmy’s on the scene, like Dr. Spock with a cock.”

3 comments on "The Cheerleaders"

  1. eL says:

    Hey Stephanie Fondue was in that! There’s a screen name you don’t see too often.

    Sometimes I wonder how Billy Crystal’s acting career would have turned out if he used the screen name, “Billy Rugburn.”

    D, don’t tell me you’re JUST NOW seeing “Cheerleaders.” lol

  2. christa says:

    hi my name is christa colegrove

  3. D says:

    Hi christa colegrove!

    Sadly, eL, that was indeed the first time I saw it. However, it will not be the last.

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