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All the Real Girls

On y‘s reccomendation I gave this film a good watching. It’s very, very, very, very, very, very good, and if I believed in “truth” I would call it a very true film. I especially love how quickly and obliquely the film establishes its premise – it does in 5 minutes what most films do in 30. Then, one is carried by acting so naturalistic it manages to make a densely poetic script sound realistic. It features one of the best ‘heartbroken drunk’ scenes ever, in which the lead actor asks “Did you ever see that? An animal make a mistake?” as a tear courses down his face. Almost everyone should watch this film.

2 comments on "All the Real Girls"

  1. juice says:

    I loved this movie also & meant to call y & say spanks for the sweet reccomendation.*Thank You y* It’s so well written that the dialogue alone made me feel to cry. I somehow feel proud of this film. When watching it, I experienced so many emotions that I was left feeling happily exhausted. The wee girl has some of the best lines in the movie & they will snap your heart in two.Bravo.

  2. ÿ says:

    I love the way she says “you’re so nice”. I loved her performance. Everyone else was a little bit old or miscast (except Bustass), but it’s still the best movie I’ve seen in a long while. I have to recommend this if you haven’t seen it, as it’s another masterpiece of sublime sweetness. The title sucks – I know, but after you see it, less so. It’s also all about brothers and sisters – which no films are, ever – and Lonergan really knows siblings well. Also, Juice, wanted to say: can’t wait to see your happy smiley face and catch up real soon!

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