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Caesar Takes a Break

People have been asking what happened to Caesar. Well, I am very sorry to abandon my regular Caesar readers, but I no longer have the time to update his weblog. I’ve been postponing the announcement out of sheer unwillingness to face the music, but at some point music-facing must occur.

I just don’t have the time. I’m co-producing a feature film this winter, and directing a short in the spring. This is on top of a full-time job that I love. I’m a lucky dude, fer sure, but now is that time where every spare minute must be spent making these flicks shit-hot. Not the time to rend unto Caesar, as it were.

The other problem is that Caesar is taking me more and more time. I need to check four books before I make a post now. And for me to get it up to the level I want it to be, that will take yet more time. I want to do more than paraphrase his writings, especially as we come to the Civil War, an event that takes much more than that to do it justice.

I hate to break it off just when things are getting good. The Civil War is why I started the site in the first place. That was in the spring of 2001, months before the war against an undefined enemy and the civil liberties-rollbacks, before the PATRIOT Act, before the extent of the nonsense in Florida had come to light, before Diebold, before the recall – in short, before Caesar had become acutely relevant.

So I hope to return to my homie Caesar when time permits. I just don’t know when this will be. It could be months, it could be years. With this in mind, if someone wants to take over the reigns I am open to that, we could even open-source the bastard. Just send me a proposal.

This is not an attention-getting stunt, this is not a cry for help, I do not need your money. It is a fact-facing mission, and an apology of sorts – I wish I could keep doin’ it for all you crazy cats who read the damn thing day after day. But I gotta do my own thing right now.

18 comments on "Caesar Takes a Break"

  1. Joel Tone says:

    The notification link doesn’t seem to be working (The requested URL /caesar/mt-add-notify.cgi was not found on this server.)

    Thank you for all your work in putting up this site. I hope things go smoothly for you so that it can resume soon.

  2. D says:

    That should be fixed now, reload the page if necessary. Thanks Joel.

  3. Lotte says:

    I’m very sorry to hear you no longer have the time to proceed Caesars story, and though I most regret it, I can understand other things have a priority. Hope to have you back soon!

  4. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    Many thanks for all the intelligently educational pleasure that both you and Caesar have given to us over time, Daragh. And even though you’ll be sorely missed, I wish you every success in your very pressing business ventures.

    I hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

    Kindest regards,

  5. danielle says:

    it is a bummer but i never could figure out how you did it in the first place.
    i didn’t know there was a ‘real’ blog connected to caesar. i kind of liked the mystery of “who the hell is doing all this work?”
    good for you on the movie thing… sounds like good fun.

  6. jake says:

    So long, and thanks for all the Caesar.

  7. adampsyche says:

    *sniff* goodbye Ceasar!

  8. Greg Morse says:

    If any reader wants to ‘know what happened’ without wading through a history book, and with some life to the facts, I heartily recommend Colleen McCoullough’s series on Caesar’s times. The book ‘Caesar’ covers the civil war, and the book ‘Caesar’s women’ covers some of the political background prior.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that’s an excellent series of books – Colleen McCollough’s “Masters of Rome” – which covers Gaius Julius Caesar’s life and motivations extensively and intimately in a very scholarly way; She and her team have obviously researched that pivatol time in Roman history quite deeply.

  10. Patricia Ann gough says:

    By the way, it was me who wrote the above comment about Colleen McCollough’s “Masters of Rome” series; I just happened to forget to sign my name.

  11. D says:

    Some may find this interesting; I’m just starting it now. It’s pro-Caesar from a lefty point of view. Non-fiction, however.

  12. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    Many thanks for the interesting tip on reading matter concerning our mutual hero, Daragh.
    I’ve been and looked it up, and will order it.
    You can’t learn too much about the great man, can you.

  13. I, too, am sorry to see Caesar going into hiatus, and particularly, as you say, at such a critical juncture. The best of luck with your film projects, though! You’ve done a fine thing here and put in tons of hard scholarly work. Well done, and I hope you return to Caesar in the future.

  14. alfons canela says:

    Tanks for all the greats moments reading your books,and sorry for my poor english. You have a ” fan ” in Spain.

    Kindest regards,


  15. JuanPablo says:

    i think it was the most original blog, thank you very much!

  16. Rom says:

    I just recently discovered your blog, and loved the idea. I’m sad to see that it has been discontinued, but I understand your reasons. Though I do hope you will pick it up again, I still deeply appreciate the work you’ve put into it; utterly original!

    I’m off now to enjoy it all.

  17. Ichiro says:

    “Here was a Caesar! when comes such another?”

    ^_^ Hope your important work is going well. If you get some time for the weblog in the future, I would be highly interested to see the rest.

  18. Mort C says:

    JC holds many dear memories for friends who continue to delve into his Latin mind and heart. JC’s autobiography has formed many linguistic lives into understanding and dealing effectively with the many various cultures of past and present history. Even his autobiography elicits respect in a humility that never addresses himself in the 1st person– “I” Me”. His spirit continued to frame the greatness of an empire that ruled the world. His spirit continues in fair, yet firm rulers, whether a triumvirate, a monarchy, democracy, or democratic republic–or whatever it may be called. His initials, JC, in some specific ways, are both preview and prophecy.

    How interesting that JC–44BC is followed by another JC who claims to be the Creator of all things [John 1], the King of kings and Lord of lords! A Ruler of hearts with the message of the His sacrificial love that endured Infinite Justice in order to grant the world of mankind Enduring Freedom from enemies, tyranny and terrorism far worse than El Queda and Saddam Hussein, from the great Slanderer who terrorizes human souls … from the Beginning, Now and til the End.

    Until then … will there be a JC blogger to right the right of history and proclaim a peace for our present age while focusing fellow-friends on the future and excitement of an eternity of JOY with the REAL JC? Using the THIRD PERSON, and not the egotistical 1st?

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