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New Camera

So my new camera arrived (actually it’s the new 4MP version of that little bastard). A Casio camera, you say? Yes – as that review there will tell you, it uses the same Pentax lens & sensor as the Optio S. The advantages are a better navigation system, a larger display, and a more graceful docking system. While I have yet to figure out most of the manual settings, which are what I tend to use on my SLR, the first few days with this baby have been hot jazz. It’s extremely small, image quality is high, and I love having instant access to the pics. Expect the ‘quality’ of my photo section to nosedive as I jam it full of pictures of me doing laundry, taking a smash, &cetera.

2 comments on "New Camera"

  1. JS says:

    Now see, if you are going to do things like post pics of robots offering to dance for change, you really ought to have comments in the photo section.

  2. D says:

    JS, you’re quite right, and that’s now remedied. I guess I got sick of stuff like this, but now that MT has that ‘closed’ comments thing, I should keep them on by default until something gets out of hand (like the pro vs. anti-barbie argument).

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