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Vig-rx said: "vig-rx penis enlargement casino"

Oh, did he? Yes, he did, repeatedly, on this site and many others. Welcome to the penis-enlarging world of weblog comment spam. The goal is to increase “google juice” rather than to get people to visit the spam sites, although I’m sure they wouldn’t mind that either. People are already talking about email being broken and now we get this? And spamments are a lot harder to get rid of than junk mail; you can delete the comment and ban the IP, but it takes much more time than flagging a mail as junk. In fact, it makes me want to turn off commenting altogether. How do we fix it, any ideas? Seems weblog software makers will have to address this, but I also suggest we call Tommy Lee Jones, get an international manhunt going for the perpetrator of this heinous crime against all-that-is-good and then precision-bomb the squalid, penis-enlarged casino he calls home.

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  1. JP says:

    Yeah, well now the Spammers have their own little forum…

    Spammers create their own community,1284,60224-2,00.html

    2003-09-02 09:33 PDT | 2003-09-02 16:33 GMT
    – Heather Somers, Managing Editor

    From Wired: Even spammers get the blues. The often reviled group has banded
    together in an online community called The Bulk Club complete with tips and
    tools. “We want to attempt to steer some marketers in a better direction than
    (where) they were heading but (as) with any business, some people just don’t
    care to follow the rules,” Drew Auman, The Bulk Club’s operator, told Wired.
    Recently, a security flaw at the Web site allowed non-members access to the
    membership rolls revealing some of the biggest names in spam. Upon learning of
    the glitch, Thor Larholm, co-founder of SPAMfighter, posted the names on a
    site that reports e-mail abuse. Last week, the spammers’ sanctuary was down —
    allegedly attacked by hackers, according to Auman.

    The Bulk Club:

  2. D says:

    Nice article. Once again I’m feeling a bit sorry for spammers – further evidence that my empathy switch is set to “insane”. Next I’ll be pitying Nazis and zombies.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion about this particular manifestation of spam, seeing how many weblogs vig-rx polluted recently.

  3. D says:

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    If you know what I mean.

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  5. D says:

    You misspelt your fucking URL, dumbass. Go ahead and try to get it right!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    The media’s catching on D.
    Check it out.

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