Angry Robot

Man-Portable RSS

In response to this thing about RSS and where it should be consumed (browser vs. desktop app), NetNewsWire creator Brent Simmons mentions he’s thinking of ways people could access their subscription list from different machines.

Now I ain’t got no tech-smarts, but could there be some sort of .Mac-style ‘publish to web’ feature in NNW Pro? I can almost imagine how it might be done, and that would save everyone the fussing around with Syndic8 and such. I myself have been dying to assemble a personal portal via tima’s mt-rssfeed, but where does the time go, and I love NNW so much I’d happily pay the (eventual) pro fee for way-cool-out shit like that and save all the fussin’ and a-tinkerin’ for something else.

There’s been some interesting speculatin’ about NNW over at the house of J-Ko, as well.